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Mixed bag at best
November 3, 2017
Didnt really work. No significant increase in output, and I followed directions, drank a lot, pumped or breastfed often, etc. Maybe it works for some, though.
Merchant Response:
Hi Cynthia, We are sorry to hear that you did not see the improvement you expected with use. For some women, it may be that an increase in the amount of Fenugreek is needed. We offer a standalone Fenugreek supplement that can be used alongside Nursing Blend that we would recommend that you consider. Here is the link: Also, the more you can pump or breastfeed, the more milk you will produce. We encourage a feeding or pumping session every 2-3 hours. If we can help to answer any further questions, please do contact our customer service team at: -Tally, Customer Service
Cynthia Burks
New Jersey
October 10, 2017
The product works good.
Merchant Response:
Thanks Tia for your feedback! Best wishes to you on your breastfeeding journey. -Tally, Customer Service
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Tia Harris
Milkies Review
September 4, 2017
The vitamins didn't help me. I think it's best to try and get your baby to latch for the most milk prodution. But I had to pump and I didnt produce more milk.Overall I think it's a good vitamin to take after having a baby, but results may vary depending on if your breast feeding or pumping.
Merchant Response:
Hi Saraimom, Thank you for your feedback! Yes, production results will vary from person to person. With use of the supplement, you are receiving your complete postnatal vitamin as well as herbal ingredients to target production support. If production is still a concern, we would recommend that you consider adding in more Fenugreek. You can purchase this product via our website at: Also, breastfeeding baby - the hormone interaction of the salvia and sucking strength, is the most effective way to retrieve breastmilk. However, if you are pumping, we would encourage that you try and pump more frequently - at minimum every 3 hours. Also, looking at a picture or watching a video of baby during the pumping session can help too! If we can help to answer any further questions or offer any other support, please reach out to us at: -Tally Customer Service
Very good vitamin
Funny after taste and the pills have an oder.
Las Vegas, NV
Love it
September 3, 2017
So helpful!!
Merchant Response:
Thanks Natasha for your feedback! Best wishes to you on your breastfeeding journey. -Tally, Customer Service
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Milkies Nursing Blend
August 31, 2017
These were easy to source from Fairhaven Health's website and arrived in the time it stated. I had a low milk supply from the beginning but it seems that that by taking these supplements I have been able to increase slightly but not as much as I would like. I would recommend these to other moms because it makes it easy to get your vitamin requirements and additional nursing supplements all in the recommended capsules rather than having to take multiple pills.
Merchant Response:
Thanks Kim for your review! If you are still needing more production support, we would encourage that you consider adding in additional Fenugreek. You can purchase this on our website at: Also, we would recommend that you are nursing or pumping every 2-3 hours. Best wishes to you on your breastfeeding journey:) -Tally, Customer Service
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Cayman Islands
July 11, 2017
I am completely in love with this product! I struggled with breastfeeding my first three, and my daughter is 6 months old now and we are still nursing like a champ with lots of milk to put in the freezer!
Merchant Response:
Hi Stacy, Thanks for your review. I am so happy to hear that Nursing Blend has helped with your milk production. Keep up the good work! - Sarah, Customer Service
Does not make me feel icky when I take it!
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Pendleton, OR
Good product!
July 5, 2017
I have been using this product since I gave birth in March 2017. I am a first time mom and thought my milk supply was low in the first few weeks after giving birth. This product, combined with the Fenugreek, helped boost my milk supply. I was very happy with the result!
Hi Brasker, I'm so very happy to hear this helped boost your supply, as I know many moms worry about that! Keep up the good work! - Sarah, Customer Service
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Tri-Cities, WA
It's a must for breastfeeding
May 5, 2017
I had a low supply, and was desperate. Found this product and it helped me tremendously. I need more of them.
Merchant Response:
Thanks Haven for your feedback! While some can find the herbal/vitamin blend pungent, we are happy to hear that you are seeing good production support with use. We would recommend that you do maintain consistent use to help to encourage your supply as well as keep up with the complete postnatal vitamin you are receiving with use. Best wishes to you! -Tally Fairhaven Health
It doesn't make baby have an upset tummy.
It has a nasty smell.
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Haven lambert
New Boston, Texas
Didnt help me):
April 17, 2017
I was recommended this to try and help my supply. I got it and have been trying. It still nothing): I have tried so many things and nothing is working. My lo will be 11 weeks old Thursday and I have had to supplement now since he was 6 weeks old): now for two days I havnt been able to nurse at all. I wish it would have helped me
Merchant Response:
Hi Kimberly, We are sorry to hear of the challenges you have faced on your breastfeeding journey. While many women do see changes in milk production quickly with use of Nursing Blend, for most it will take some time for the body to absorb and assimilate the herbal blend. With use of the supplement you are receiving an herbal blend formulated to encourage production, as well as a complete postnatal. We would recommend that you are drinking plenty of water, and bringing baby to breast or pumping as often as possible (at least every 2-3 hours). Also, spending as much time with your little one skin to skin, will help to keep your oxytocin levels up. If you are still not seeing any improvement in supply, then you can add in additional Fenugreek with the standalone supplement we offer: OR our Nursing Time Tea: If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to our customer service : -Tally
Kimberly Wilson
Increased Supply!
April 17, 2017
I stopped being able to pump extra milk 6 months ago. After taking this product as directed for a week I am back to pumping 4-6 oz extra each day!
Merchant Response:
Thanks KarrieAnn for your feedback! Keep up the great work breastfeeding:) -Tally
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Theodore, Alabama
Not impressed
April 16, 2017
This product made myself and my baby have digestive issues. Lots of gas and bloating all with no significant milk increase.
Helaina Williamson
New Haven KY
Breast Milk
April 15, 2017
It can help. Although your body builds a tolerance.
Merchant Response:
Hi Ashley, Thank you for your feedback! Nursing Blend provides your body with herbal ingredients to promote milk production as well as a complete postnatal vitamin. Milk supply can ebb and flow, and to help ensure that your supply continues we highly encourage that you are drinking plenty of water and continue to bring baby to breast every 2-3 hours OR pump. It is significant that you are also making sure that you are draining your breast of all milk, signally the hormones that more milk is required to keep up with demand. If we can help to answer any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at: -Tally
Ashley Rose Pickett
Love it
April 7, 2017
I had a rough start with breast feeding. My baby went to the NICU right away after birth and was fed full bottles of formula. Which made my breast milk come in late and now I had to catch up to full bottle amounts. I've been using products from Fairhaven long before I was pregnant so I trusted them. Anyways I've been taking these vitamins and I've had a great breast milk supply for 4 months so far. Very happy with the product. I even had a lactation consultant ask what I was doing because I had so much milk.
Merchant Response:
Thanks Tiffany for sharing your story! We are so happy to hear that you and baby are doing well:) -Tally
Producing lots of milk
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Los Angeles
Must have!
April 1, 2017
This product totally helps! I'm so happy with fairhavenhealth, it's a trustworthy company always supporting mommies like me who breastfeeds! It keeps my mind at ease knowing I'm healthy and that I'm feeding my baby with proper nutrition as I produce enough breastmilk to feed my infant and of course extra to pump and save for on the go. After all it's difficult enough to worry your not producing enough milk...but not to worry this product will definitely increase your supply! Mommy approved! Baby satisfied! And grandparents happy to babysit with enough breastmilk to keep baby Happy and full! Thank you Fair Haven Health
Nothing but the best!
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Life Saver!!
March 30, 2017
I have had supply issues with both my little ones. As a working mom, its hard to keep my supply up but this was a life saver. Often I have a sensitive stomach and would need to take with food but didnt find that was the case with these. Love that they double to help both my vitamins needed as well as milk production. Great speedy delivery, really helped my supply!!
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Great product
March 25, 2017
this product works when you eat healthy. It really helps produce milk.
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San Clemente,CA.
Definite increase!
March 12, 2017
I have had production issues from the very beginning, as evidenced by low rate of weight gain my child was experiencing. It wasn't until he absolutely refused to nurse anymore and I began to pump exclusively that I discovered just how little I was producing. I found these vitamins during one of my online searches for answers, and in about a month they increased my production by an average of 5oz a day. We still need to supplement with some formula, but we are using a lot less than we were!
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So glad it's available!
March 9, 2017
I appreciate the reduction in the price of Nursing Blend. As a lactation consultant, it is the number one supplement I recommend for increasing milk supply. I have seen so many moms have such great results with it. I'm so glad it's available!
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Renee Davis, IBCLC
Jefferson City, MO
I'll be a returning customer for years to come
February 2, 2017
After going back to work I noticed a difference in my supply. I wasn't able to pump more then 3 oz every 2-3 hours and I just couldn't keep up with my growing little boy. I tried 4 different products before I found a breast feeding group in facebook and this product was suggested durring a Q&A. Within a week of taking this supplement I noticed an increase and I'm now able to nurse my son and put some away in the freezer. I'm forever greatful to this product for helping me continue providing for my son in the way I wanted.
Increase of milk supply
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Katie Wurzer
Love it
January 16, 2017
Great product! In the process of buying another bottle. I went from pumping 2ounces at a time, at work, to 3.5-4.
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Elizabethton, TN
January 16, 2017
Really helped boost my milk supply and I'm building a nice little freezer stash!
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Rochester, MI
November 9, 2016
It works but the pills are large and tough to swallow.
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This product is a Must Have!
October 16, 2016
I am the mother of 8 children. The oldest is 21, the youngest is 9 months. I have breastfed all of my babies for at least 6 weeks, and most of them for 12-14 months. In the past, it was a constant struggle to keep my milk supply up once the baby started eating cereal and baby food. Then I heard about this product from Nicci at and it has made a world of difference! For the first time, I have had no issues with my milk supply. I highly recommend this product to all nursing moms.
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Awesome product
October 10, 2016
Does everything it says! I have a 5 month old who weighs 20lbs! EBF!
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Milwaukee, WI
Great product
October 9, 2016
I love this vitamin! Definitely has helped keep my milk supply up, even as I transitioned back to work. I searched high and low for a post-natal, and this one is great!
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September 26, 2016
I have begun taking NB so my milk will be available when I give birth a week ago & I am leaking colostrum so I am ready to nurse my little boy Oct 3. So excited!!! He is our 3rd little one
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Brittny Sturgeon
Great for breastfeeding
September 21, 2016
These pills r great. It really helps keep ur milk healthy and will make ur baby health as well. These don't hurt ur stomach like other one do. I really like the size of the pill too.
Great size Works well No after taste Makes u feel good
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Lake Forest California
Not a bad product
September 9, 2016
This product did increase the volume of my milk. It really kept my supply up when I went back to work, it didn't increase my supply a lot, but it did maintain when I went back to work.
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Goal leaving her s texture
Be careful
September 5, 2016
I think this product works just like its advertised, but if you are a new mom and have never breastfed before this product might make you produce faster then you are releasing or then what your baby is eating and that can cause you to get mastitis . Get a good routine down with your baby before you start taking these and make sure once you start if your not already, massage your boobs after ever pumping or feeding.. If you have never gotten mastitis before you have no idea how important massaging them is.
Helps production
May help productions faster then releasing
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August 28, 2016
Came quickly and is easily digestible.
Made my blood iron levels good quickly.
Don't taste too good.
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Debbie G
It works!
August 1, 2016
You need to put forth the effort but if you do it works!!!
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Definitely works!
July 29, 2016
Purchased this item over a month ago and I have definitely notice an increase in my milk supply. I used to pump an average of 3 oz now it's 5 oz. I take them 3 times a week to ensure a healthy constant supply. The pills do have an after taste but it's totally worthy.
Increase milk supply
After taste
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Alpharetta, GA
Great Supplement
June 13, 2016
This supplement did wonders to increase my milk supply, although I did notice that after taking it for several weeks, my supply started to go down again. Not sure if it was caused by the supplement or something else, but I stopped taking it and my supply went back to normal. Now I only take it after noticing a low supply, instead of taking it all the time, and it works like a charm! Truly a great investment for any breastfeeeding moms out there with supply issues! Definitely would recommend!!
Increase milk supply
Terrible aftertaste and causes burping
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Christina Rivas
Germantown, NY
Increased production
May 16, 2016
Wife said more milk produced.
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May 15, 2016
Like the product easy on my stomach I spread the dosage out to three times a day. Unfortunately it took just over 3 weeks to actually arrive when I ordered it! Way too long!
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A nursing mom's must have!
February 24, 2016
This has boosted my milk supply noticeably, I've been taking it for about a month now just repurchased my second bottle and I must say I love how it's 2 in 1. I don't have to worry about remembering to take more than this multivitamin everyday. As a breast feeding mom it has the vitamins I need to keep myself healthy and the baby as well as it helps give my milk supply a little boost. I definitely would recommend it to every breast feeding mother! It won't hurt to give it a try whether u have milk supply issues or not the vitamins in it are great for a mommy to have anyways. Well worth the cost in my opinion.
Multivitamin and fenugreek in one Anise helps calm baby
Anise may cause drowsiness in baby the first time as I noticed with my daughter slept a little more and longer when I first started taking it but then she returned to her normal sleepiness
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San bernardino, Ca
Helped a lot!
February 9, 2016
This product seemed to make my milk quality better and added more milk supply.
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Winnipeg, Manitoba
Decent increase and maintenance
January 15, 2016
I was mostly satisfied with this product. It helped increase my milk in the beginning, but once I got a certain number, it stopped. I appreciated how gentle they were on my stomach. I have a hard time with vitamins making me feel nauseated and these never had that effect. Overall, I would say they're a good product tho have, especially in the beginning of establishing milk supply.
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Great Falls, MT
Worked like a charm.
January 1, 2016
Having trouble producing enough milk I tried different things fenugreek and blessed thistle, Lactation cookies, pumping. This supplements is the thing I found worked the best. After a month of taking this I don't have to give any formula to my son. Currently on my Second bottle .
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Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
December 27, 2015
I was breastfeeding and doing formula before taking this....about 50/50. Now I would say I'm at about 75% breastfeeding after being told by a lactation consultant that I don't have enough milk producing tissue. It's a little pricey considering I'm not being paid for maternity leave anymore but my baby girl is worth it.
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Reading, PA
November 30, 2015
It's great nd helpful
Wonderful product
I would recommend this item to a friend.
Long branch nj
Helping me achieve my goals!
October 7, 2015
It's been 1 month since I started using this and it's really helped me! I've almost reached my goal of not having to supplement anymore. I was having to give my 2 month old 2 oz of formula after every nursing session, she would nurse for about 30 mins then start to scream and pull herself off. Now she only has about 2 oz of formula at night and can go all day and be content without any formula! We're almost to our goal and I will continue to use as long as I'm nursing! I've also been able to start freezing pumped milk, I would always only get about 1/2 an oz to an ounce from Both sides before taking this. Thank you!!
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San Diego, CA
August 25, 2015
It seems to be a good product. However, when I used it my baby would puke up more often. So unfortunately I had to stop using it before I had a chance to see any different in milk production.
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Jacksboro, TN
What a Benefit
August 24, 2015
After 3 weeks of breastfeeding, I experienced breast engorgement I had to start antibiotics and throughout that process I noticed my milk supply decreasing rapidly. I searched online for advise and I found Fairhaven Health Nursing Blend. It has great reviews from other users and I decided to give it a try. After three days on the supplements I noticed a high increment of milk supply enough for me to fully feed my baby and have enough left over to pump for the next feeding. It was very convenient, healthy for me and for my baby. Great supplement and I highly recommend it. I am in the nursing field for OB-GYN and I recommend it to all moms I come across that are breastfeeding. =)
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Miami, FL
Did not work
July 29, 2015
It didnt work for me still had a low supply then eventually dried up.
Paterson nj
No noticeable increase
July 21, 2015
There was no noticeable increase in my supply, but it did appear to look richer/thicker when pumping. Good amount of vitamins too. Would possibly order again just for the vitamins.
Easy to remember to take Lots of vitamins
Didn't increase supply
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Jersey City, NJ
July 4, 2015
Great product for a nursing mother!
You are able to get your Prenatal and breast feeding support in one bottle!
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Brooklyn, NY
GREAT nursing support!
July 3, 2015
Love that it's a complete daily post-natal vitamin as well as a great quick supply booster :)
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pretty good product
June 14, 2015
I feel like this product helped me slightly. Did not greatly increase my production but, I did feel like it made the milk a bit less watery. Would recommend for anyone to try it, I am glad I did. Every body is different.
Slight increase in milk production Slight increase in quality of milk
bad after taste if you have a hard time with larger pills/vitamins. Also if I did not eat when I took these I would burp up that terrible flavor that is same as the bad after taste
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Orange City, FL
good product
June 8, 2015
I took one pill three times a day and noticed an increase overall and my supply wasn't decreasing as much in the evening.
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Morgan City, LA
June 7, 2015
These helped with my low milk supply so I was able to nurse for almost 6 months.
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Minneapolis, Mn
Love this stuff... Wish it was cheaper
May 29, 2015
I've been using this since my dd was 2 1/2 months. I have used this product and fenugreek. I have been able to developed a deep freezer stash of over 3,000 oz. I recommend this product for anyone.
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Britani clark
Such a great product!
May 27, 2015
This is one of the best nursing supplements I've tried. It's so much easier than drinking a nursing tea; not that I don't like to, but it can be difficult to remember that you made tea, drink it while it's hot, or that I warmed it up in the microwave. Taking these just once a day, knowing that I'm helping not only myself but my supply is great
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bellingham, wa
Loved it!!
May 27, 2015
Wished it wasn't so spendy!!
It Helped me after a week using it
The price
I would recommend this item to a friend.
Eugene Oregon
did not work for me
May 3, 2015
I spent $30 on this bottle and it did not work for me. Doesn't mean it would not work for others however.
Richfield springs, new york
Great product!
April 26, 2015
I ordered this to get a boost in supply & be able to have my vitamins at the same time...I didn't want to have to take 6-8 different pills a day so I figured I'd try this. Within 5 days I had at least 2-3 more oz's every time I pumped and now I've been able to start taking them a couple times a week! This product is awesome & next I'll be trying to the postnatal itself :)
Boost in supply A lot less pills to take
Makes you gag trying to take them bc they stink! Lol
I would recommend this item to a friend.
Chelsea B.
The Woodlands, Tx
Not for everyone
April 24, 2015
I saw no difference in my supply or the consistency. I took the required amount....plenty of water. Was worth a try.
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The best product for breastfeeding mom
April 23, 2015
Even before I was pregnant I'm always hoping that I would be able to breastfeed my own baby. But when I gave birth to my little one, I was not able to produce enough milk to supply the need of my baby, I have tried different kinds of product that was recommended by friends. ( Tea, foods to eat and drink) But nothing helped me produce more milk. Then when I googled about milk producing products, I read and saw testimonies about Milkies Nursing Blend. I immediately ordered 5 bottles that will last me for 5 months. Now this is my second order of the product, and I'm extremely satisfied and so is my baby, having so much milk is all we need. Thank you very much Fairhaven Health for having a great product!
More milk supply Affordable
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Melajean Abella
Palmdale, California
worth the money
April 22, 2015
They are a little pricey personal option but they work amazingly.
I would recommend this item to a friend.
United States
Didn't work for me.
April 20, 2015
I'm glad that it's helped so many others, but unfortunately I may have started on this a little too late while my supply started dwindling already. I was hoping it would turn it around for me and it did not. Didn't increase production at all. :(
South Florida
Did not help at all
April 18, 2015
I was really sad , i had a really good amount of breast milk . I was wanting to make my supply better and it ended up reducing my supply significantly, took item to the doctor and lactation consultant and said it was because of the product , i wanted to cry cause I have a NICU baby who needs my milk . I could send product back lost voucher to be able too. Wish there was something else....
not hard on stomach at all, may work for a friend or someone else
Lost my milk
I would recommend this item to a friend.
Brittany Robinson-Whitaker
Muncie, Indiana
love this product
April 17, 2015
This product is great especially because i started pumping and ot keeps my supply up
I would recommend this item to a friend.
United States
Awesome product for awesome production
April 16, 2015
I was really struggling to keep my milk supply up for my son. I started taking this and saw results within a day or two. Now we are BOTH much happier :) I read a lot of people saying that it doesn't help but everyone is different. My body responded super well to the supplement and I have and would highly recommend to anyone!
More milk Also worked in place of my prenatal vitamin
Weird but made my breasts itchy for a little while lol
I would recommend this item to a friend.
Leetah Stampone
April 10, 2015
This stuff works wonders! I consistently pump 10 oz. when taking this and notice a decrease when I stop. Great product!
I would recommend this item to a friend.
Olympia, WA
Has definitely helped my supply
April 9, 2015
Started using this product once I went back to work. I exclusively breast feed on demand so when I was at work I wasn't pumping as often as my son fed. I could see my supply lessen. I began taking this product and loved it, I could tell a difference almost immediately. I have been using the product for 4 months now and will continue.
I would recommend this item to a friend.
Good Product
April 7, 2015
Love the product didn't see a huge change in milk production but enoght to make it worth taking
Went up in price from $19.95 to $28.95 now probably will find something else to buy instead
I would recommend this item to a friend.
Vanity Stevens
Didn't see a difference in milk supply
March 31, 2015
Purchased specifically for increase in milk supply. Pleased that it was also a multivitamin. Took for 20 days and didn't not notice an increase in my supply. Discontinued use because of stomach discomfort. Felt bloated all day everyday.
Stomach discomfort. Bloated.
Richmond, Indiana
Great vitamin - no nausea
March 22, 2015
Finally a vitamin for breastfeeding mamas...and no nausea at all!
I would recommend this item to a friend.
Thicker milk
March 1, 2015
my milk became thicker & greasy within less than a week. it did not increase my supply but neither did other products so cant blame the vitamins for it
I would recommend this item to a friend.
January 10, 2015
This is my first bottle with the new logo and Milkies labeling. Not sure if this is same formula as original Nursing Blend not sure if I produce the same using this Milkies Nursing Blend. My son is 9 mths and he seems at times like he wants to nurse all day but not sure if it is that I am not producing enough milk. Try it I loooved the original Nursing Blend! Next time guys notify your customers of the merge or changes to come and new designs. I even took the liberty to research and found nothing about Milkies taking over Nursing Blend brand. This was the only version of it available on iTunes his site, so put two and two together Milkies took over the product. Hope this help you ladies in some way.
Merchant Response:
Hello! Thank you for your feedback. Please rest assured that the formula is the same as it was before the re-branding took place. After the Fairhaven Health acquisition of the Milkies Milk Saver, we adopted the Milkies brand for all Fairhaven Health nursing products.
Yea try it, every body is different and it is for ur baby! I prefer the original been using that one since I was 37 weeks pregnant til Nov 2014 when I ran out and had to order Milkies Nursing Blend
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Love it
January 5, 2015
I love this product. I had a hard time with my supply after a csection both this and have a fantastic supply.
Helps with supply You don't have to take this and prenatal
No clear direction on how or when to take it
I would recommend this item to a friend.
mellisa howell
United States
Must try
January 3, 2015
I was skeptical when I first read about it and yet in desperate need to increase my milk production. So, I gave it a try and saw the change in my supply in just 2 days! It's a must try especially for new moms who are willing to give it all for breastfeeding.
I would recommend this item to a friend.
long beach CA
absolutely recommend!
December 17, 2014
I love this product i have tried many different lactation supplements and this one by far takes the cake I have an eleven month old who doesn't nurse too often anymore at 6:00am 11:00am and 5:00pm and when he wants in the evening due to my work schedule. However with these supplements I've been able to keep up my milk supply and iam still pumping 5-7 ounces every time. I have more frequent let downs that are longer and stronger. I highly recommend!
It worked for me.
I would recommend this item to a friend.
pauline martinez
United States
Breastfeeding Supplement
December 1, 2014
I decided to stop breastfeeding due to some difficulties with my child and me in the hospital. However, I did use this supplement for several days. Within three days of beginning this supplement, by milk supply came in and I mean a LOT of it did. I also received this in a timely manner and customer service was great whenever I reached out to them with a question. Will definitely order again from this site!
I would recommend this item to a friend.
Great product
November 28, 2014
I had a great increase in my milk production since taking this product almost twice as much.
I would recommend this item to a friend.
it's me not you.
November 18, 2014
Unfortunately this did not work me. However, I tried for four month to increase my supply and I used a variety of things to increase my supply but nothing worked so it was probably my body that failed me.
Awesome, Could not live without it!
November 17, 2014
After having a premature delivery, I was terrified that my milk would not come in while my baby was in the hospital. Thanks to Nursing Blend, I was able to pump and supply breastmilk exclusively until baby was ready to come home. Also, love the vitamin supports it gives me! Feeling great just 6 weeks postpartum. Thanks Nursing Blend!
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Tally Rabatin
Bellingham, WA
Nursing blend
November 16, 2014
It incleased my milk supply within two days of being consistent with it
I would recommend this item to a friend.
Castroville, Ca
November 10, 2014
I am glad that I find this supplement! It is help me to improve my milk supply + vitamins for me and baby! Great postpartum supplement!
I would recommend this item to a friend.
Philadelphia, PA
Great product!!!
November 6, 2014
great supplement while breastfeeding.
I would recommend this item to a friend.
Miami, Fl
Pretty good product
October 4, 2014
First off I will say I hate the way this product smells and tastes Yuck ! I have been taking this for a week now along with my mother's milk tea and fenugreek pills and have seen no increase in my supply . I have noticed that my milk seems healthier more white less watery . My son seems more full when he nurses when I pump I get 1.5 to 2.5 Oz so I am assuming he's getting about the same when he nurses. I still am hoping that this product will help me increase my supply so I can keep from increasing the amount of formula I'm supplementing with.
Milk seems healthier , less pills than taking fenugreek alone, fast shipping , easy ordering
Horrible taste and smell
I would recommend this item to a friend.
Lucas, Iowa
Great product. Highly Recommend.
September 29, 2014
I really noticed an increase in milk production shortly after using this product. Finally feel comfortable with the amount I am able to make.
It's nice to find a product that is specifically made for postpartum.
Wish it was more easily accessible to find in my area.
I would recommend this item to a friend.
Santa Cruz, CA
Best vitamin I've taken!
September 21, 2014
My milk supply was dramatically better once I started taking these. I also noticed that I had more energy, too. They smelled kind of weird (I don't know how to describe the smell, not fishy or anything, just weird), but there was no bad aftertaste. These didn't give me heartburn either, which some vitamins do. I would definitely recommend these to someone wanting a post partum vitamin that will increase milk supply.
I would recommend this item to a friend.
Not enough Fenugreek
September 19, 2014
For the 1st 6 months of breastfeeding I've supplemented with 9-pills-a-day of fenugreek along with a prenatal vitamin. The 5th month I went back to work so I was able to see how much I've pumped and it'd be about 6 ounces. Over time my milk supply had been decreasing little by little due to less frequent nursing and solid foods intake. So after searching for something (more costly than pure fenugreek caps) in hopes that my supply would increase again, and I tried Nursing Blend - after finishing the fenugreek/prenatal regimen. For the next 2 days of taking only Nursing Blend there was actually a dramatic decrease in the amount of milk I pumped - HALF of what I had originally pumped! However, I continued taking Nursing Blend for the nutritional content, bought more fenugreek, and supplemented it with 5-6 caps (spread out in a day), and my milk supply had gone up like how it was when I first started. Overall - quality: yes; quantity: no.
More vitamin D for baby since exclusively breastfed babies don't get enough of it
Not enough fenugreek - doesn't really increase milk supply
I would recommend this item to a friend.
Miss Hell
New York
It works great
September 11, 2014
These pills work very good. I started to notice the difference at the second day to start to take them. It duplicate the amount of my milk. Thank you to this product my baby is drinking more of my own milk. Thank you!
Easy to take, affordable price, shipping very fast 3 days.
Flavor can be a little bit intimidating. Better not to take it with an empty stomach.
I would recommend this item to a friend.
Los Angeles
Milk supply now abundant
September 5, 2014
For several months now I've been taking the nursing blend breastfeeding supplement in conjunction with several large cups daily of the Fairhaven Health nursing time tea which I mix with fenugreek seeds (why fenugreek seeds are omitted from the tea, I do not understand - especially considering they are a main component of the supplement). It took approximately 2 weeks for my milk supply to increase, but it did increase significantly and is now abundant. I will continue to take the supplement in combination with the tea and fenugreek seeds while breastfeeding.
I would recommend this item to a friend.
works great
September 5, 2014
I purchased nursing blend because I was producing very little milk. After taking I only noticed a slight increase. What I didnt know is that the 8 glasses of water a day isn't enough to provide sufficient hydration. I haven't been able to produce enough milk until I was drinking at least double that amount. The vitamins are great,but only when drinking enough and eating well.
I would recommend this item to a friend.
Alicia Trejo
Albuquerque, New Mexico
August 28, 2014
I wanted to try this product to increase my milk supply. After taking it for only a few days it was giving me incredible stomach pains.I had to stop taking it they said there was no side effects but clearly there are.
stomach pain
appleton, Wisconsin
Helped me produce more milk!
August 28, 2014
I went back to work after baby was 3 months and my milk began to decrease. I saw this product in a magazine and decided to give it a try. My milk production went back up to normal after 2 or 3 days of taking it. I love this Nursing Blend.
I would recommend this item to a friend.
Orrville, OH
Great product!
August 22, 2014
I've used the produc for almost two months and I love it! It really works! I love that I can just take 3 capsules a day instead of 9 with the fenigreek alone plus prenatal. This is an awesome product, I highly recommend it to all nursing mamas.
I would recommend this item to a friend.
Martha G
Thank god for nursing blend
August 18, 2014
I needed help to increase my milk supply, i read about nursing blend and gave it a try. I was producing about 3 ounces before nursing blend, with nursing blend it has increased to 5 ounces. The best thing is that its easy to tak, no side effects. Its just great. I love it
I would recommend this item to a friend.
San francisco
Just Super
August 17, 2014
this is really true vitamin, before using this i have a lot headaches and i had fewer milk. after using nursing blend my headaches stopped and had more milk for my baby.
I would recommend this item to a friend.
Shahzoda Malika
Austin, TX
Good multivitamin
August 16, 2014
I wish this product helped with my production but it did not. It was still a good multivitamin. It made me burp and had a terrible taste I didn't like that!!
I would recommend this item to a friend.
Honolulu Hawaii
Good product
July 29, 2014
No lo uso a diario como se indica, pues se me olvida. Pero aun asi me ha funcionado muy bien
I would recommend this item to a friend.
Puerto Rico
A Breastfeeding Staple for Me
July 23, 2014
With my first baby, I took this supplement and successfully nursed him for two solid years. On baby number two, I was a milk bank donor and taking herbs would've made me ineligible to donate. At nine months old, my baby went on a strike where she would barely nurse (only once every 24 hours) and I suspected it was linked to a low milk supply that resulted in a slow letdown. After trying many different things to get her nursing consistently again, I began taking this supplement, desperate to keep nursing her consistently. I don't know with certainty that it was this vs. other approaches I tried, but I can tell you that within a week of taking this, the strike finally ended and she worked her way back up to all her feedings at the breast. What a relief! In the event that it was this supplement, I am exceedingly grateful for it. The only reason I'm not giving five stars is because the amount of fenugreek is low compared to the recommended about I've found in breastfeeding resources. I will say that I haven't noticed smelling like maple syrup at all, nor has anyone else commented! It's also nice to not have to take the herbs and a separate multivitamin. I heartily recommend this product.
-probably does effectively increase milk supply
-a little low on fenugreek according to recommended amount in breastfeeding resources
I would recommend this item to a friend.
Laura G.
Austin, Texas
July 18, 2014
I've been using this alongside the Nursing Time Tea and noticed an IMMEDIATE jump in my milk production. I was producing about 4 oz. every 4 hours and now I produce around 6-7. The product arrived on the day that I ran out of breast milk. I had none left. I just fed my baby and there was nothing left in my breasts and I had used up all the milk I had stored in the freezer. I started using these two products together and by the end of the week I had enough milk to put 12 oz. in the freezer. Thank you for this wonderful product!!!
noticed immediate production
stops working if you stop using product
I would recommend this item to a friend.
Clinton Township, Michigan
great product!
July 5, 2014
I highly recommend this product to all nursing mothers. These pills are excellent in enhancing the quantity & quality of milk supply. Within a week of taking this supplement I was lactating a sufficient amount of milk and was able to fill 3oz in a single pump!
Greatly improves quality & quantity of milk supply.
Delivery takes a while
I would recommend this item to a friend.
New Jersey
good product but needs improvements
July 4, 2014
I really liked how the product really increased milk production. Unfortunatly it made me retain a lot of water and I had to stop using it. It's a good product but it needs improvement.
I would recommend this item to a friend.
los angeles, CA
Product works...
June 30, 2014
I purchased this for my wife after she decided to breastfeed. When our newborn son turned a month old she started to pump but to no success. We then saw this product in the baby magazine at the pediatrics office. It came in about 4 days. After just 2 days of taking the supplement we noticed a difference in not only amount but in quality. Her breast milk came out more fuller (not as watery as it was prior). We are very satisfied with this purchase.
Fast acting. Price. Benefits of using product outweigh negatives.
pills are pretty big and you have to take 3 daily.
I would recommend this item to a friend.
Luis Colon
richmond, va
Excellent Pronatal Vitamin Supplement
June 26, 2014
I really like this blend because it has 700% RDA of Vitamin D. As someone who became extremely deficient and had to take a prescription for 3 months, I like the extra protection for myself and my little one. My wish would be that instead of having quantity discounts or periodic sales of different products, the price could just be lowered 5% overall. My family is on a very tight budget and I'm going to lapse soon.
I wish it wasn't in the form of three capsules.
I would recommend this item to a friend.
DeKalb, Illinois
June 18, 2014
I purchased this a few week before my 3rd was born. I began taking 'nursing blend ' while still in the hospital. My milk came in about 2.5 days later and must say my milk is so much more richer than with previous babies and my little boy was 1lb past birth weight at 2 weeks!!! ( 9lb 3oz ) I will definitely recommend this to other moms :)
Richer milk Kept supply up
I would recommend this item to a friend.
Johnson City, TN
Saved my supply!
June 17, 2014
I have exclusively pumped for 6 months now and it wouldn't have been possible without these vitamins! When my daughter was 4 months old I started having supply issues. I was barely able to pump enough for a full day. I had over 100oz of milk frozen, but had to use it to supplement my failing supply. I saw an add for these vitamins in a magazine and decided it was worth it shot. I'm so glad I did! Now I'm not only able to keep up with my baby, but I have milk in the freezer again. I've used these vitamins for 2 months now and if I don't pump right before bed, I end up soaked in milk in the morning. Most mornings I pump 13-16 oz! A normal day of pumping now is over 30 oz!!! These vitamins are worth their weight in gold. I never would have made it this far without them. Thank you so much for developing this supplement!
Boosts supply quickly Only have to be taken 1x per day
Funky after taste (I take them at dinner to help mask it)
I would recommend this item to a friend.
Honolulu, Hawaii
Your Breastfeeding Blend is Amazing!
June 9, 2014
I just have to tell you, your Breastfeeding Blend in amazing. I have always struggled with a good output when pumping. In the past, my baby would drink more from the bottle than what I was pumping. The blend has allowed me to pump enough and have some extra to freeze every week which is such a reassuring feeling now that I am back to work.
I would recommend this item to a friend.
Portland, OR
nursing blend
June 6, 2014
It did not help me produce more milk, as I had anticipated due to a hormonal imbalance, but it was definitely worth a try. Maybe it would have helped if I had been taking it from the beginning, but I didn't know about it until about 2 months after the birth of my son.
Good natural vitamins Decent size
Didn't work for me
I would recommend this item to a friend.
Fresno, CA
Pumping Mom
May 19, 2014
My daughter was born with a cleft palate. This product helped me to pump for her for 14 months!
I would recommend this item to a friend.
May 13, 2014
My wife said it worked wonders she feels this product can help a lot of women out there with milk supply issues.
I would recommend this item to a friend.
Gaithersburg, Maryland
Beneficial for both babies and moms
May 6, 2014
This is a great product, not only does it help increase milk supply but it also provides nutrients that the baby needs and that mom sometimes lacks in her diet.
I would recommend this item to a friend.
Aurora, Colorado
May 5, 2014
I absolutely love this when I feel like I'm not producing enough milk I take one dose (3 capsules) and within probably an hour I can feel my breasts are heavier!!!!!!! Really recommend!!!
Increased milk production
I would recommend this item to a friend.
Edith a
Lincoln ne
From a Board Certified Lactation Consultant
April 29, 2014
It's frustrating when moms are told to continue taking their prenatal vitamins, even months after they've delivered! I love being able to give them this website as a resource, but now I can give them the brochure during our prenatal breastfeeding class so they can plan accordingly!
I would recommend this item to a friend.
Sheridan Ross, IBCLC
San Carlos, CA
Better milk quality.
April 20, 2014
I didn't noticed any changes on quantity but quality. Gives me stomach ache went I take 3 pills a day so I only take 2 or 1 a day. Good product better than prenatal.
I would recommend this item to a friend.
Sacramento ca
Good products...
April 20, 2014
I always have enough milk supply where I'm able to pump 4-5 ounces twice sometime triple a day. But after consuming this products I get 5-6 or sometime 7 ounces. Little increase on that.'s a good products to me eventhough the smell arghhh...
Smell yucks..
I would recommend this item to a friend.
Great product
April 18, 2014
Great product I finish the first bottle and I notice the difference .. I just tell me husband I need order more ...
I would recommend this item to a friend.
Cypress, tx
Good product, not what I was expecting though.
April 6, 2014
Honestly, I didn't notice an increase in milk supply. That was until I stopped taking it for a few days and was only able to pump a few ounces at a time rather than the 7-10 I was used to. The shipping was fast and I like the fact that it has extra vitamins to help my LO.
I would recommend this item to a friend.
Portland, Oregon
April 1, 2014
I started using Nursing Blend when my daughter was 5 months . I wish I would have found this product right after giving birth. I love that it has all the things I need in one. The best part for me is that I am always feeling full and that's always a great thing . Any product that I've tried before could never compare to Nursing Blend . I will definitely be using this with my next baby.
Multivitamins Extra milk Calming
I would recommend this item to a friend.
Newark, New Jersey
Great product!
March 30, 2014
I was always concerned that my little one wasn't getting enough milk, so I saw an ad for Nursing Blend in a magazine and decided to order a bottle...I am so glad I did! Before I was only getting a total of 3-4 oz combined, once I started taking Nursing Blend it literally doubled! Now I get 8-12 oz combined, and can even stock some away in the freezer!! Love this product!
Increases supply Gives you a boost of energy
Has a weird smell/taste
I would recommend this item to a friend.
San Antonio, Texas
Increase In brastmilk
March 20, 2014
Just within two days of taking this I notice a major increase in my milk supply. I am now pumping 4 to 8 ounces 3 times a day. Super happy.
Increase in breast milk
I would recommend this item to a friend.
, Seminole, Florida
no difference
March 19, 2014
Reading all the reviews gave me hope that I will produce more than what I was already making. I seem to have a low supply especially on my left side. So when I ordered nursing blend I was beyond excited. I was hoping within 1 week or 2 how other ladies mentioned, to see an increase especially when I'm pumping and I saw no difference what so ever. I'm almost done with my bottle and I still remain the same. Only 1oz if I get lucky 2oz when I pump. very disappointed,I was really hoping this product wad really going to work.
This product is AMAZING!!!!!!
February 26, 2014
I was told that I had a low milk supply and I would have to use formula, absolutely not!! My daughter is allergic to dairy and soy protein threw breast milk ! I stayed up 24/ 7 pumping making sure I had enough milk to feed my little one. When I found this product I figured I would give it a try, I had been using Mother's Milk drops (which I could barely keep down due to the alcohol taste). I love this product!!!!!! Within 3 day of taking it I was able to pump 5-10 extra ounces in 2 days (in 2 days I was on able to pump about 2-3 ounces) on top of feed my baby to the fullest. I tell everyone about how great these vitamins are, they have given me the freedom to actually have a night out wirh my husband. I only wish I would have found these vitamins when I first started nursing. I have been exclusively breastfeeding for 5 months now and going strong!!!! Thank you Nursing Blend for giving me the confidence I need to be a successful nursing mom!!!!
Gluten Free Soy Free Dairy Free Free 2 day shipping
I would recommend this item to a friend.
Golden, Colorado
Great product!
February 20, 2014
I was having a slight issue keeping up with my son's demands. I started using another product but it required me to swallow 8 pills at a time, which is a LOT! I found Nursing Blend through a Baby Magazine add. After ordering I was happy to find that this product only requires 3 pills per day and, best of all, IT WORKS! Since I have been on Nursing Blend I no longer have a problem with production. Thank you!
Free shipping
It is a little on the pricey side
I would recommend this item to a friend.
Yokosuka, Japan
February 18, 2014
This is my second bottle I have bought and they have helped me out so much with breast feeding my baby!! Thank you so much!!! I loved my nursing blend, it helped me out so much, my baby is 100% breast fed now!!
I would recommend this item to a friend.
Springfield, IL
The little help I needed.
February 5, 2014
Man, as if having a baby isn't stressful enough. Breastfeeding takes it to a whole new level, as i found myself worried about "not having enough" after my son was born prematurely and was underweight for the first six weeks. I have to say that taking the nursing blend has helped keep my milk supply up and 10 months later, we are still going strong. The blend helped me get my supply back up after a recent girls trip. When i got home my supply was really low and now we are back to where we were before I left. For me, it has taken the stress out of nursing, which is a beautiful thing. Now I can worry about all the other little things new moms worry about! :)
I would recommend this item to a friend.
Oak Harbor, Wa
Thank you Fairhaven Health
January 28, 2014
This product is a lifesaver. About a month ago I made myself sick with worry because I wasn't producing enough breast milk to feed my 2 month old son. Failure was not an option for me so I scoured the internet looking to find ways to increase production. I came across Fairhaven Health, read all the great reviews of this product and took the plunge and ordered a bottle. I noticed a difference that very night. Ever since I easily pump 21 ounces a day... up from only 15 ounces a day. Plus I don't have to take a separate vitamin. Another great thing is this product doesn't hurt my stomach, even with the iron contained in the dosage (normally vitamins make me extremely nauseous so I always stop taking them). Only negatives- these pills smell bad (probably because they contain Anise), they are kind of large, and you have to take them 3 times a day. All that said I still recommend this product. I ordered my 2nd bottle today!
Increased production of breast milk Quality of the milk is increased, leaving my baby fuller longer on the same 3 oz.
The pills smell bad Have to take 3 pills a day The pills are large
I would recommend this item to a friend.
Nicole B.
Clearwater, FL
Great Seller!!
January 28, 2014
I received my pills quickly. Of course, I don't know if they work, just thought I'd give them a try.
I would recommend this item to a friend.
Great product!
January 14, 2014
I have always struggled with milk production. With my other babies I drank Mothers Milk tea and got really tired of drinking it although it worked well. This product works even better and I love that it has the vitamins I need as well. Thank you!
Convenient Multi vitamin
I would recommend this item to a friend.
excellent vitamin!
January 6, 2014
I started using nursing blend right after I gave birth, by the fourth day I had so much colustrum which was great because I didn't have to constantly breast feed to help produce more and my baby seemed more satisfied. Just make sure you eat every time you take it because I did feel a little nauseous but it depends how vitamins effect you.worked great for me. Good luck to all the new mommy's out there. :)
More colustrum more milk production gives mommy more energy
I would recommend this item to a friend.
camp hill, Pennsylvania
Great purchase
December 23, 2013
I liked this because mainly it helped my milk production, but also because it had all the nutrients I looked for in my specific prenatal vitamin plus what I needed to enrich my milk and help the amount I produce. I'm not the best at taking multiple pills a day and taking my prenatal and additional supplements wasn't easy for me, having all in one was ideal!
I would recommend this item to a friend.
Talent, Oregon
Greatest nursing pill ever!!!!
December 17, 2013
I was concerned I was not satisfying my lil one and I refused to supplement with formula. Since day one, I noticed a huge difference on my milk supply, my lil one takes longer naps and I get to feed him every 2-3 hrs and have enough milk.
I would recommend this item to a friend.
Love it
December 16, 2013
It worked wonders. I have 2 jobs n this really helped me
I would recommend this item to a friend.
mojave. California
Great Product
December 15, 2013
After nursing my son for 4 mths exclusively my milk supply dried up. I started using nursing blend and it help my supply tremendiously I have been using this product for 2 mths now.
I would recommend this item to a friend.
Toronto, Canada
Works 110%!!
November 21, 2013
I'm 42 and have trouble supplying enough milk to breastfeed two babies... This helps bring more than enough milk to fully feed AND pump extra!! Don't pay more than you have to for similar advertised products! Cannot believe how productive this line of products is!! Thank you for helping me keep my children healthy and nourished!!!
Price Fast-acting Major supply of milk
I would recommend this item to a friend.
Kimberly Lambdin
Pittsboro, IN, USA
November 7, 2013
I'm very happy with this product. My milk supply has increased and I just started taking it 4 days ago.
I would recommend this item to a friend.
Plantation, Florida
Didn't work
November 4, 2013
After I read all the great reviews everywhere about this product I wanted to give it a try since I was losing my milk supply. I wanted to get breastfeeding my now 3 months old but had a very low production and couldn't figure out why. I tried fenugreek and that really didn't help. Just made me smell like syrup. So seeing all the people on here stating it boost their supply greatly I was like yeah I'll get my supply back and can continue to bf my baby girl. Well was I wrong. I didn't get an increase at all and I was very disappointed. Being I am a first time mom I wanted to continue that bond with my baby and I couldn't. Don't buy it
Waldorf, Maryland
works like a charm
October 12, 2013
help me so much!.
I would recommend this item to a friend.
Laredo, Tx
September 5, 2013
I love this product
I would recommend this item to a friend.
good vitamin
July 6, 2013
good vitamin in a capsule
I would recommend this item to a friend.
Boise, ID
Absolutely a necessity for nursing moms
June 27, 2013
Any woman who is breastfeeding and wants to produce more milk or better milk for the little one should be stocked with this supplement. I bought it because my family history shows that most women in my family lost their milk about 3 months, so I began to take this as a preventative measure. Not only did I not lose my milk but I could pump and store extra, see that my DS was getting what he needed from me, and was able to realize my goal of breastfeeding a year to be possible. My DS is now 6 months old and we are still going strong with breastfeeding. I have recommended this to my friends and family. I will also continue to use this throughout my time breastfeeding with my DS and all of my future children. The only downside is it is best to eat something with it or you will get a strong tummy ache, but that is the case wig even prenatal or any other vitamin. I am thrilled this vitamin supplement exists!
More milk Better quality milk
Taste Stomach ache if not taken with food
I would recommend this item to a friend.
Sulphur Springs, Texas
It's ok...:(
June 14, 2013
This stuff gave me horrible stomach pains. I testes it 3 times to be sure, and I never noticed and increase in my milk, or quality for that matter. I still have thin watery milk. Sadly now i'm stuck with 4 bottles of this stuff and wasted my money. Service was great though.
Edmonton, Alberta
Nursing Blend & PCOS
May 18, 2013
I will not say this is a "cure" or that the results will be the same for you, but here is our story. Our daughter was born in October 2012. Because of the PCOS I have EXTREMELY tender nipples to start with BEFORE she ever began nursing. Also, I would (through out the day) produce what she would need, however my production/let down is so slow that it would take an 1.5 to 2 hours to nurse and then she would be hungry again within an hour or two. My baby girl would try so hard, but in just a few days whenever she saw my breasts she would cry in frustration. We bought a pump and gave up direct feeding. Things were going decently until January 2013. Between job stress, traveling, and my period starting because of starting birth control I rapidly fell so far behind that I was pumping, while she was drinking a bottle, to be able to feed her again in hours, per her schedule. We tried different things including Domperidone to encourage production. The Domperidone (prescription pill) did get production going, but the quality was gone. We decided that this was not good enough. In March, I saw an add in a baby magazine for the Nursing Blend and decided to try....well between the Domperidone, the Nursing Blend, and the Fenugreek offered on this site we are now not 1 bottle ahead or even just 1 day ahead we are 3 days ahead. The quality is back and she is steadily gaining weight again. Also, I am now an a fairly rigid pumping schedule and I notice a difference if I do not pump on the schedule. I pump at 5:30am, 10am, 2-3pm, 5:30pm, and then at 10pm. Yes, you read that right. When my 7 month old sleeps through the night I can get an approx. 6.5 hours of sleep. Hope this helps someone.
Quality of production.
Taste (tolerable).
I would recommend this item to a friend.
Sophia's Mommy
Klamath Falls, Oregon
Fenugreek :(
May 7, 2013
I had to stop using the nursing blend vitamins because they started to upset my little one's tummy. I think it was the fenugreek in them :( But if your little one has no problem with fenugreek than these would be great!
I would recommend this item to a friend.
Ann Marie
Flagstaff, AZ
not what I hoped
May 5, 2013
it worked the same as taking fenugreek. producing more with motherlove.
amazing product with amazing results
May 3, 2013
I decided to relactate to provide immune support for my husband who has cancer. I take nursing blend 3x per day and drink 4 cups of mothers milk tea per day. My youngest child is 8 years old, so I thought this was a long shot, the first week I didnt have nursing blend and nothing really happened, then I started nursing blend and two weeks later...I'm pumping almost 3oz per day and my pumping output increases by about 1/4 oz every day!!! I cant believe it was so quick and easy :)
works quickly and has all the vitamins recommended for my hypothyroidism...bonus!!!
I would recommend this item to a friend.
I have already recommended it to friends
April 28, 2013
I have already recommended it to friends
I would recommend this item to a friend.
Great Product
April 23, 2013
I love this product, I have already recommended it to friends. It never gave me stomach trouble as so many vitamins can and my milk production has been great. Also, the price is good when comparing to other brands.
I would recommend this item to a friend.
Rochester, NY
dont waste your money
April 13, 2013
tried this product and it did not help in any way to increase my milk suppy.please dont waste your money
Great product!
April 9, 2013
Nursing blend works wonderfully. I saw an increase in milk production in 3days. Awesome product:)
I would recommend this item to a friend.
Janesville WI
Good vitamin choice
April 4, 2013
I can't definitively say whether or not this increased my milk supply, but I feel good about making sure that I'm doing the best to support my supply by taking this particular vitamin.
B vitamins
Tastes horrible; have to remember to take twice a day
I would recommend this item to a friend.
Great product
March 22, 2013
Great product! I can tell a difference in my milk production if i forget to take it.
I would recommend this item to a friend.
Maynardville, Tennessee
this stuff is amazing!
March 13, 2013
So I looked up different ways to boost my milk supply and came across nursing blend. I read the reviews and saw nothing but good reviews so I decided to give it a try. I got them in 2 days and started them right away. Only after taking one daily dose I saw a huge difference in my supply. I was literally pumping twice as much milk as I originally was. I'm very satisfied with this product and not to mention it gives me energy. Thank you nursing blend! Way more affective than all the other products ive tried in the past.
Boosts milk supply & gives me energy.
I would recommend this item to a friend.
san diego
great product
March 8, 2013
I was pleased with this vitamin
increased my milk supply
doesn't taste very good and made me burp up the same yucky taste through out the day(but it didnt bother me too much)
I would recommend this item to a friend.
Excellent Product
March 2, 2013
This is a great product that will help to increase milk production. It really helps especially after you go back to work to keep your supply from decreasing.
Really works.
Little bit of an after taste when u take the pill.
I would recommend this item to a friend.
McAlester, OK
March 2, 2013
There was times I thought my milk supple was decresing so I'd take the nursing blend pill and almost instantly I was full! I am in love with this product!
Really the only thing I didn't like was I always forget to take it!
I would recommend this item to a friend.
Rio rancho, New Mexico
October 24, 2012
I have been taking Nursing Blend for almost 2 months now and it has boosted my milk production! My baby is 2 months old and I have over 200 bags of milk in my freezer!
I would recommend this item to a friend.
I love this!
August 15, 2012
I have thyroid disease (hypothyroid / Hashimoto's) and almost had to give up breastfeeding because I couldn't produce enough due to my TSH levels being so high. After a couple days I was producing enough breastmilk to stop having to supplement 75% formula in my son's diet. Now he only needs 2-4 ounces of formula a day if that much. I also use the Nursing Tea which together really helps!
I can produce almost enough milk now breastfeed exclusively!
Nothing, I love this item!
I would recommend this item to a friend.
Lowville, New York
Our baby is the healthiest one so far in my family (comparing back to 4 generations)
July 17, 2012
My wife decided to nurse our first child. With the help of this amazing blend, our supply of breast milk is above average! Making it easier for her to keep our baby fed and happy at any time without getting him too fat!
Improvement on breast milk supply
I would recommend this item to a friend.
North Lauderdale, FL
June 20, 2012
I does the job with only two caps a day. I love it!
It works
It might take a few days to start notecing the milk production
I would recommend this item to a friend.
san diego, ca
May 15, 2012
had my mother in law purchase the breastfeeding supplements for me originally i wanted them because my baby girl would not take the liquid vitamin D supplement her highly recommended pediatrition prescribed,she would puke it up as soon as i got it in her! so it was great to hear these helped with that and many other things,then my milk supply started to deplete,slowly but surely which was strange and confusing to me because my baby girl is only 4 months old and this started in my left breast at first,when she was first born i developed milk probably right before she even came out! and i was producing enough to comfortably feed twins or triplets! i had so much i had no choice but to use the breast pump many times a day just to empty them enough to not drown her in my milk when she ate.well now i got these supplements and am very glad i did,i found over the last couple of days,i was not even producing enough milk to feed her completely throughout the day!! she barely liked bottles let alone had never had formula! so i had to suddenly bring formula into her diet and she wouldnt take it! i had to sneak squeeze some in her mouth when she was crying from being upset and hungry :( it broke my heart to see my baby girl like this,i am now only on day 3! of the supplements and i woke up this morning with enough milk in my right breast to feed her her full "meal" in the morning,and then had enough again for her later morning feeding! i believe the fact that i got them early on when i noticed the problem made this process much easier to start working and any mothers out there who have noticed ANY decrease in breast milk should get this right away! it may not work as fast for you but i know it is working for me and it was so much of a pain in the butt to keep having to pump before but now after seeing my baby cry because she cant get any food from her normal food source,i would rather have to pump every 20 minutes then her have to go through that,also all the rest of the extra vitamins and everything that your baby needs is in these! you dont have to make them choke down that nasty vitamin D supplement the pediatritions give since most breastfeeding mommies are vitamin D defecient and so in turn so are the babies,this is definately a great pruchase!,and once you think about it-$20.00 a month! WAY CHEAPER THAN FORMULA!! and way healthier too! so if you notice a change in breast milk,save yourself and especially your little one the grief,suffering and heartache and get these now so they will be working before you have the chance to run empty so to speak.thank you for making such a wonderful product! *proud mommy of 2 wonderful girls!* so,that is my story so far,and like i said im only 3 days in,ill keep you updated to help other mothers like me with questions,you can go ahead and post the above statement to your website if you'd like to.thanx again.
I would recommend this item to a friend.
April 22, 2012
THEY DO WORK VERY MUCH ........ !!!!
I would recommend this item to a friend.
nursing blend
April 11, 2012
gave me a lil more energy
more energy
didnt give me that much more milk but kept my supply going
I would recommend this item to a friend.
amanda keys
conway ar
Passing this awesome product from one generation to the next!
February 17, 2012
I had my 5th baby at 38 yrs old. I was not producing a ton of milk but the supply was enough. My problem was that the quality of the milk was not as good as it needed to be. My son was losing more weight continually and had not gained any of it back. He nursed well but just seemed hungry all of the time. I was taking prenatal vitamins still but it didn't seem to be helping. My Dr. told me that I would "have to start supplementing with formula". I was absolutely devastated!!! I cried constantly and felt like a failure as a mom. I had breastfed all 4 of my other children with great success. My mother telling me "baby girl your body is just getting older", only made me cry more. I searched tirelessly, online and in stores, for anything to help. I found this, and while I knew we couldn't really afford it, decided to buy 2 bottles. I got my bottles and started taking them religiously. My son had an appointment 5 days after I started on the Nursing Blend. He had GAINED weight and didn't seem to be starving all of the time. My Dr asked what I was doing differently and I told her with tears of joy in my eyes!!! She has since "passed on" my story to other mother's that she sees. While she never "suggests" this product she does "share" my story to help encourage them to keep up the fight to breastfeed. My eldest daughter now has a 3 day old baby girl that seems to be hungry more so than is common. I am getting my daughter this supplement as soon as I finish this "book". LOL Please give it a try!!! If you are like me, you will see this as an incredible blessing from God! Dawn and crew PS. If the picture shows up... This is my son who was breastfed for over 2 years, thanks to Nursing Blend!!! He's not underweight now, nor is he overweight. He's just PERFECT! :)
It WORKS!!! It works quickly and consistently and it saved my son from formula.
I would recommend this item to a friend.
very satisfied!
January 9, 2012
A bit pricey product, but i could see a very big change in my breastmilk - it was much better quality! i would say i got more milk, too. it helped me when milk supply droped when my daughter was 5 month. I wanted to breastfeed longer and bought Nursing Blend with a hope that it will help me to do that. My little one is almost 7 month and I am still breastfeeding!
It works! Increases milk quality
I smell like maple syrup :) Expensive
I would recommend this item to a friend.
Great product
December 27, 2011
I work at a pediatric office as a PNP, since i have tried this myself and like it I will suggest this to patients. I usually don't promote products to my patients but I realy like this one. It helps with my milk ( I had a problem with decreased milk production) and I feel more confident that my son as well as myself are getting all my needed vitamins.
I would recommend this item to a friend.
December 20, 2011
I struggle with quantity and with energy...I can really tell a difference in both while taking these vitamins . I was frustrated and preparing to quit breastfeeding at 3 almost 5 months. Thanks!
It works! ...NATURALLY!
Needs more calcium and added Lecithin(helps prevent and tx mastitis naturally-also body turns it into Choline ...good for brain)
I would recommend this item to a friend.
Camden, SC
Amazing product!
December 4, 2011
Absolutely love this product. I wish I had realized that Fairhaven had this product when we had our first child three years ago. We now have a second child that is five weeks old, and I have milk for her!!!!! I didn't produce much milk at all with our first child and had to supplement with formula every day, which caused tummy issued with our son to be worse (i.e. constipation, acid reflux, etc.). Now, with the Nursing Blend, not only do I have enough milk to give to our daughter, I have extra that I am pumping and storing for her when I'm gone and go back to work. It's a great product, and I know it works. The proof is in the milk!!!!!
Easy-to-take vitamin that doesn't have an aftertaste and is only two pills to take. Product works.
I would recommend this item to a friend.
Did not see a change
December 2, 2011
After 1 week no change in the volume of milk
October 31, 2011
I came across nursing blend during an online search to increase the quality and quantity of my milk. I was more concerned of the quality of my milk because some days, I wouldn't have time to eat when I should and was afraid that my son wouldn't get the full benefits of vitamins and minerals that I would lack in my missed meals. On top of that, I was suffering from low milk supply but was pretty much on a regimen to keep it up and already happy with the supplements I was taking to do so. But I needed the vitamins to benefit my baby on a day to day basis and I would have never been able to do that without NURSING BLEND :) Its a plus that Nursing Blend has herbs to increase my milk supply even more as well. I'm honestly not to sure though if it does anything as to increase my milk supply as I am already taking a whole bunch of supplements, but it sure doesn't hurt my milk supply so I take it as IT WORKS!! I no longer supplement feed my 4 month old son for the time being and hope that I could keep it that way. Thanks to Nursing Blend I am confident that I am providing my son with the highest nutritious breast milk as possible.
Provides quality breast milk for my son and helps with milk supply.
The vitamin taste when I burp and the smell is not so pleasant.
I would recommend this item to a friend.
Nursing bliss
October 27, 2011
I really liked the fact that I only had to take one pill a day. I was low on iron and had to have a blood transfusion and to keep my iron at the right level, I had to take an iron supplement. I decided to take the Nursing Blend as the supplement as it also provided other benefits. I find that the pills help keep me in better health especially when breastfeeding, it also kept my energy levels at a reasonable level especially since I have to breasfeed a lot at night, my baby being in his 9 months soon. I also had no problem breastfeeding and have a very healthy chubby little boy. I would recommend this pill.
I would recommend this item to a friend.
Ottawa, Ontario
Nursing Blend
October 25, 2011
I didn't see any changes in breast milk after a whole bottle. Also it made me bloated and gassy the whole time. I had to discontinue it.
Made me bloated and gassy every day while taking it.
amanda prosser
Manchester, Tn
fantastic product
October 11, 2011
i love these supplements, my daughter is 8mths old and still feeding exclusively from me, my milk dried up completely at 6mths with my little boy, despite pumping nursing and everything under the sun. I use this and the nursing tea and put my continued success down to these. I dont impress easily or recommend often, but i do recommend these without qualms. Ps i import these into ireland from the us, so have to go to some trouble to get them but service is excellent. One supplement does all and my dietican/nutritionist thinks they are great too.
I would recommend this item to a friend.
Awesome Product!
October 5, 2011
This product is the best thing on the market that I have tried that actually increased my supply. I have tried (chayote, fenugreek, oatmeal, more milk plus, mother's milk tea, malta, dark beer, even acupuncture). This has been the only product that I have taken that actually produced more milk. I went from producing (70 ml/ 2oz) for the whole day to (140 plus ml/ 4 plus oz) per day. This may not seem like much to many but for me it is a big deal. My son is a micro preeme born at 23 weeks 1lb 7oz. he has been in the NICU for almost four months (10/9/11) will be exactally 4months. He has not been able to breastfeed yet, so I have to rely on breast pumps to express my milk. With this supplement and him going to the breast soon I am sure I will produce more. I have shared this info with other NICU mommies who attend our weekly breastfeeding meetings.
- everything
- need larger bottles
I would recommend this item to a friend.
Chianta Sheffield-Grant
Miami, Florida
i love this product, best i've tried so far!
July 30, 2011
i was given these supplements by another breastfeeding mother in my town and i just started taking them today, and must i say it works great! my milk supply was at a boost within half hour. i was one happy mommy! before it was hard for me to even have enough milk for my 6 month old baby boy, i had to consult to formula, which i did not like at all, but stopped the formula. i am so glad i have found these supplements
-they work good and fast. -gives me peace at mind knowing my son will not get hungry.
-the taste is gross. -only one size bottle, no bulk size.
I would recommend this item to a friend.
Krystal L
Barrow, Alaska
Great stuff
May 11, 2011
I've been taking this for 5 days now and love it. I was taking Mothers Milk and couldn't tell a difference. I will use this my entire time while breastfeeding.
Produces more milk
Taste of vitamin
I would recommend this item to a friend.
Really works
February 12, 2011
Breastfeeding my 14 month old I still have a ton of milk. I take this for the nutrition but full milk supply is added bonus.
I would recommend this item to a friend.
New Jersey
The only nursing vitamin I've found
December 12, 2010
This is a pretty good nursing vitamin (and the only one I've ever seen). I was very excited to find that it had fenugreek, as many people had told me it was good for milk supply. Apparently, it wasn't enough for a mother nursing twins; I have to take additional fenugreek supplements to keep a good enough supply to nurse exclusively. It's still better than taking a prenatal vitamin, which is what most doctors recommend.
I would recommend this item to a friend.
Jenn G
Long Island, NY
Good vitamin
November 7, 2010
I like this vitamin. It doesn't upset my stomach and I feel more energetic.
Lots of vitamin D as well as the herbs for supporting breastfeeding.
Taste funny.
I would recommend this item to a friend.
Not sure
October 11, 2010
It kind of worked for me. I think I was just running out of milk and with the stress from my job it didn't seem to give me much milk. When I wasn't taking it I would pump 1 oz on my work shift, but with it I did get 3 oz. Taking it wasn't bad, it just made me dizzy some afternoons and my urine always looked like mountain dew.
It was easy to take and only two pills a day.
the side affects for me
I would recommend this item to a friend.
Smyrna, Delaware
great vitamins!
September 27, 2010
loved these vitamins. i was looking for something that would give me more energy since i am omitting coffee from my diet. i almost bought b12 vitamins until i saw these vitamins had a high amount of b12(more than normal prenatal vitamins) and in the beginning they really gave me the boost that i needed but after a couple of months i think my body got used to them and the boost that i previously felt had faded however i would still take them for the other great qualities that they obtain that you just cant get else where , def. think they helped with the quality and flow! :) but i did find the best way to really increase your flow is nursing your baby, i got used to pumping since i had to work so i think mainly just pumping didnt help with the flow but when i nursed my son i noticed the flow come back some, but if your body wants to ween naturally it will do so no matter what you do, i managed to make it 8 months though.
I would recommend this item to a friend.
A must have item for all nursing moms
July 1, 2010
I wish I had found this product with my first child. She had sensitivity to the cows protein, so formula was not an alternative. There was always a constant pressure to keep up my milk production. This product made a significant improvement in my milk oroducion not to mention the added value of the vitamins. I have tried the fennel Greek separately in an effort to increase milk production. I found it ineffective as the side affect of the headache and the maple scent was too much for me. This product has a unique blend that has the perfect balance of rich nutrients and steady rich milk production. I usually don't feel out survey, but this product is awesome that I feel compel to share this with all moms. LL
Excellent !!
I wish there was a bigger size with with larger quantity
I would recommend this item to a friend.
San Diego , California
Your Products Have Been Terrific
June 17, 2010
I am a 41 year old mother of a 20 year old, 16 year old and a 3 month old. We tried for over 2 years to conceive. Following my second miscarriage I started taking fertile aid. I noticed a huge difference in my energy level and started losing weight during the first week of taking the fertile aid. And for the first time had regular menstrual cycles. Within 3 months I was pregnant. During my pregnancy I took your prenatal and DHA formula's. They were great - typical prenatal vitamins make me sick, but I had no ill effects from yours. I only gained 10 pounds during my pregnancy and gave birth in March 2010 to a healthy beautiful 8lb 8oz baby girl. I ordered your Nursing Blend and have been using it with great success. Baby Girl is now 3 months old and 16 lbs. I have recommend your products to several friends. One of them was using the fertile aid following a tubal reversal and ectopic pregnancy and is now pregnant with twins due in december. I really wish you had an every day formula for all women (ones not trying to concieve)- I loved the way I felt while I was taking the fertile aid - for the first time in years I really felt my hormones were in balance. Thank you for a great product
I would recommend this item to a friend.
Crawfordville, GA
Momma who almost had to stop breastfeeding
August 22, 2009
My son was born weighing 9lbs 14 oz. Within the first couple days he had lost down to 9lbs 4 oz and proceeded to stay there for 2 weeks+. I was desperate to keep breastfeeding instead of just resorting to formula. We have supplemented him with 2 bottles of Soy formula but am taking him off of that as of today. The Dr told me that he had gained plenty and that I actually need to back him off of eating so much. If it weren't for La Leche and the NURSING BLEND breastfeeding vitamins I am sure that my milk supply would have dried up by now and I would have to have a formula baby. I am so grateful for these vitamins and the quality and quantity of milk that I am now producing. If you are having any concerns about your breastmilk having the proper nutrients and quality that your baby needs please try this supplement!!! It's well worth the money!!! This is coming from a single mother of 5 currently on FMLA and little income. This is just like my utility bills...something I know I have to get!!!
Dawn Baker
i like it
July 22, 2009
don't really have a problem with low milk but saw this when searching breastfeeding vitamins. showed it to my nurse friend who said it would be perfect for me. so far, so good, glad i don't have to take all these vitamins separately!
nursing blend?
June 27, 2009
did not work at all! very dissapointed.
Meli C.
June 27, 2009
wow it really worked!
nursing blend success
April 29, 2009
I originally purchased nursing blend because I wanted a vitamin that was specific to nursing women, with extra vitamin d, B, etc. I am pleased to report that it has other benefits, too, in the form of increased milk production. WOW!!! I'm happy about it, and I'm pretty sure my baby is a fan.
Laurie T.

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